Sensory Diets

The sensory input that the body needs

A sensory diet involves sensory activities that provide the child with the sensory input that their body needs, it may be to counteract sensitivities or provide input that the body/brain isn’t processing effectively.

Sensory diets can be used in a proactive and reactive way – if you know that a certain time or the day, or a certain activity is likely to be stressful or over-stimulating, then you can use calming input beforehand to counteract it. Or if there are times of the day when the individual is more sleepy, structure in alerting activities.

The more sensory input the child gets, the more effectively changes can be made in the brain. The timing, intensity and duration of sensory-based activities are critical in promoting adaptation and optimal performance. Ideally activities are self-selected by the child or guided alongside by the facilitator and are intrinsically motivating.

Sensory Diets are tailored programmes which are developed and reviewed by the Occupational Therapist but facilitated by parents/educators on a daily basis.

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